[Short Story] Bicycle wedding

I can’t buy a road bike in my apartment due to lack of bike parking space. So I bought a folding mini-velo, a type of bicycle, but it’s still not fun to be overtaken by a road bike on the cycling road. Even in the famous Wimpy Pedal manga and anime, road bikes are introduced as the most powerful bike for speed.

However, there’s also a saying that “the grass next to you looks blue”. Is a road bike really the most powerful bike in the world? With this in mind, I thought about it for a while, just like a “mouse bride”.

=== Bicycle Bride ===

‘Mr. Road Bike, Mr. Road Bike, are you really the strongest?’ The rat asked.

‘No, no,’ said the road bike. ‘No, no, no, not at all. I’m not the fastest or the strongest. If you want to load up your shopping, you’re no match for Mr. Momma Chari with her big basket. Spaghetti shop New Orleans doesn’t have bike parking, so I have to fold it into a wheeled bag and place it somewhere in the store. A small car won’t take up much space, but the tires are big enough to require space. Even if it is the fastest, it is only light. It is limited to flat land and long descent. Weight is everything when it comes to climbing hills and up and down. In Yowamushi Pedal, there was a battle between Mama Chari and a road bike at the beginning, but that was just because the rider (the main character, Onoda-kun) was awesome. Besides, if we talked about the training camp later, Onoda would have been in trouble with the heavy wheels (& spokes & tires). It’s hard to get top speed in places with lots of traffic lights, and there are only so many places where I’m the strongest and fastest. And the cheap stuff is heavy. The characters in Yowamushi Pedal ride very expensive (200,000 yen is normal) and light bikes. If you leave those bikes on a bike parking lot, there’s a big risk of theft.

So the mouse went to Mama-chari’s place. ‘Mom-chari-san, is the mama-chari-san who can carry a mountain of luggage and go to the local supermarket the most powerful? And it doesn’t look like there’s any risk of theft.

Mommacher replied with a hmmm. ‘Think about it for a minute. I am heavy and therefore vulnerable to hills, as electric assisted cars come into play. The reason I am not stolen is because I am heavy with a cheap frame. And it has its own power lights, so no matter how hard I try, I can’t even compete with Mr. Cheap Road Bike. You can’t go inside a New Orleans store, for example, of course. Folding mini-velos (small-diameter bikes) can carry a lot of weight, and these days, electric-assisted bikes are also available.

So the rat went to the folding bike. ‘Are you the strongest, Mr. Folding Mini-Velo (small car)?’

Then the folding bike replied hurriedly. ‘No way. I find it difficult to ride as fast as Mr. Road Bike. The lighter ones in my group can go fast, but they are not as stable. You could put a cargo bed on it, but that would limit your ability to fold it. And if you want to travel by train, you will need a human to carry it in the station. And if you want to travel by train, you will need a human to carry you in the station.


Now, if we proceed like a “rat bride”, this is what it looks like. The conclusion is that you should own all kinds and use them as needed: ….. It’s a hassle to maintain and to own a lot of them.

It’s not as expensive as motorcycles and cars, and if you are dissatisfied with any of them, you can try them out first, and if you are dissatisfied with them, you can think about it then, which is probably the best way to go. Besides, if you buy an ultra-lightweight road bike, you can store it in a wheeled bag in your apartment. Though it’s more troublesome to assemble than the high class folding type.

Well, I’ll leave it at that. See you soon.

Sei Yotsuba