Why am I able to drink tea or coffee in the middle of the night?

One of the most famous TV dramas that has been made into a movie is “Buddy”. It is broadcast on New Year’s Day as a national TV drama, so you may know it as well.

It is the story of Inspector Ukyo Sugishita (Yutaka Mizushima), a special agent of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, who is reassigned to the side of the window, and his partner, together with him, solve a number of difficult cases in a jocular manner.

Speaking of a great detective, there is no shortage of drinks.

In the famous Sherlock Holmes movie, he drinks tea and coffee by the pot. (You might think it’s tea only because it’s in England, but actually Holmes drinks coffee too.

And speaking of Ukyo Sugishita, you can’t miss a cup of tea. When he returns from the field to the Special Mission, he will have a cup of tea, even late at night.

(He explains to Elai-san that he drinks one cup a day, but he never misses a cup of tea, even in the jungle jungle jungle, and he seems to have plenty of opportunities to do so.

If we, ordinary people, try to enjoy tea or coffee, we may find ourselves unable to sleep because of the caffeine.

So, in this article, I would like to introduce some of the teas and coffees that I drink to calm my mind after coming home from work.


Unfortunately, the amount of caffeine in a tea does not decrease drastically just because you reduce the amount of time to steep the tea leaves.

If you try to reduce the amount of tea, you will end up with an unpalatable tea. After all, if you reduce the amount of tea, the caffeine is finally reduced by half.

There are ways to compensate for this, such as herbal teas, but you’ll end up with a “different kind of tea”. Even if it’s the middle of the night, Sugiura Ukyo-san isn’t the only one who doesn’t want to compromise on the taste of his tea.

For people like me who can’t stand it, there is Decaffeinated Black Tea (Decaffeinated).

In my case, I visited a tea shop called Lupicia in Jiyugaoka (the main store) and bought a decaf Earl Grey tea. The caffeine effect is what makes the difference after drinking it, but when you drink it, you can’t tell that it’s decaf.

Nowadays, it’s easy and nice to buy tea from places like Amazon and Rakuten, or from specialty tea shops. And when you’re having trouble getting out of the house due to your health or social situation, this kind of sales via the internet is really helpful.

Speaking of decaffeinated teas, it’s not just that they’re safe to drink in the middle of the night that makes me happy. It contains little to no caffeine, so it doesn’t cause a diuretic effect.

For those of us who drink tea by the pot like me, I’m really glad.

Coffee version

Tea isn’t the only decaffeinated beverage on the menu. If you visit a specialty coffee shop like Starbucks, you’ll even see “decaffeinated” (decaffeinated) on the menu.

By the way, like Professor Manabu Yukawa of the Galileo series, I’m an instant coffee drinker. There are decaffeinated coffee brands such as Nescafe and UCC.

As a bonus, these decaffeinated coffees are also available in stick form. So even if you rarely use them, the quality hardly degrades.

This is a great thing for coffee lovers. Also, with the stick type, there is no need to measure the coffee with a teaspoon.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that coffee is a great way to wake up, but if you do that, you won’t be able to sleep. In that sense, decaf coffee is also a nice touch.


I’m only sharing my experiences this time, but I hope you can see that tea or coffee can be a great way to refresh yourself in the middle of the night.

Decaffeinated (decaffeinated) teas do not completely remove caffeine from the tea or coffee. For example, Nescafe’s Gold Blend (red label) has only 97% of caffeine removed, while UCC’s “Oishii Decaffeinated Coffee” has 97%.

However, as long as you can remove caffeine to this level, even elementary school students can drink it safely.

By the way, my daughter ate the coffee jelly she won at a sushi restaurant for dinner, and she couldn’t sleep until after 10 p.m. With decaffeinated, you don’t have to worry about that.

Then there’s a bit of a digression, but a teacup exists to help with mood swings. The teacup with a chess pattern shown in the opening image is the teacup used by Ukyo Sugishita in the TV drama “Sidekick”.

It is said that he keeps more than 10 plates in his office, so unfortunately we can’t see it every time it airs. However, we can see the teacup in the beginning of the episode about once every ten times.

If you drink from such a teacup, you can relax and concentrate better.

This teacup is actually a dual-purpose dish that can be used for both coffee and tea. Also, you will learn how to hold the teacup properly, strangely enough, by using this.

The etiquette for holding a teacup is to hold it like this, without putting your fingers through the handle. If you put your fingers through the handle, it may be taken as an indication that the drink is tepid, so be careful.

Well, that’s about it for this time.

It is a profound world that I can’t stop talking about, so I would like to continue this story sometime when I have a chance.

See you soon.

Sei Yotsuba