[Book Review] The Biggest Mystery in “Solving the Mystery After Dinner

Atsuya Higashikawa’s “Riddle Solving the Mystery After Dinner”, which has been made into a TV drama and movie, is also very well known to the public.

  • Book Title: Solving the Mystery is After Dinner
  • Author: Atsuya Higashikawa
  • Publisher: Shogakukan
  • Remarks: 2011 Bookstore Award Winner

Reiko Hōshō (Keiko Kitagawa) is the daughter of the world-renowned Hōshō Concern, but for some reason she is assigned to the National Police Department as a detective. Helping her solve the cases she encounters is her new butler, Kageyama (Sakurai Sho).

His character is characterized by his superior intellect, but also by his character who calmly says, “Are your eyes blind, miss? The character of Butler Kageyama is not only intelligent, but he also says “Do you have a claustrophobia in your eyes, miss? He was fired by Lady Reiko several times. (Still, she’s unperturbed.)

The novel is littered with settings that would never have been possible in real life, but hidden within it is a mystery: “Why does Butler Kageyama make solving mysteries a hobby? That’s the point. (By the way, it’s hard to imagine a career as a police officer, but it’s not a mystery to me that your daughter would get a job for social studies.)

So in this article, we will focus on “The Mysterious Butler: Kageyama” and try to track down the mystery he has.

Hosho Group and his predecessor

The general manager of Hosei Konzern is Seitaro Hosei. His only daughter is Reiko. She has a straightforward personality without any twists and turns. Because she was raised by her father, she seems to be a little selfish.

However, he is not isolated in the police station or in his friendships, because he only shows his selfishness towards money and his butler Kageyama. Even though she is a venomous Butler Kageyama, he seems to respect her in essence.

Perhaps her indifference to money is due to the size of the Hosei Concern. It’s a global conglomerate that’s far larger than Captain Kazasai Motors, Lady Reiko’s boss, Kazasai Motors. (The odds of two wealthy people coincidentally being in the same office are slim, but that’s where, well, it’s a novel.)

It is indeed a spacious mansion in the TV drama, and it seems to have a good amount of financial power. The man who served as the Hosei family’s butler was the previous Karasawa butler.

His devotion to Lady Reiko was extraordinary; he always stayed out of sight and supported her discreetly when there was trouble. I’m worried that the butler will not be able to stay out of the house.

However… It makes sense when you consider that Butler Karasawa is in a position like “Chief Butler.”

In other words, with such a large scale, it’s not surprising that there are a few butlers. Butler Karasawa is the one who leads the team of butlers. Of course, the security of the wealthy daughter is important, and it’s no wonder they have a strong bodyguard standing by at all times.

(They rush out to buy meat if the Lady is threatened by a rabid dog or something. It’s the butler Karasawa who actually throws it at them, and he implements it himself.)

Why is Kageyama a butler?

But for me, there remains a big mystery that I can’t understand. That is, “Does Kageyama make solving riddles a hobby? It is.

Of course, there are people with cynical personalities and brilliant minds like him in the real world. Some of them have special hobbies like Kageyama, such as deduction as a hobby or never giving up their tea time.

But none of them have a profession like a butler. Zero percent. Therefore, there is no such thing as “rare but coincidental.

Because what is required of a butler is not the talent for solving riddles.” The butler is to “take the master’s intentions and plan and elaborate on them in order to bring them to fruition in a concrete way.

According to the Kojien, it is explained as “a person who executes housekeeping and affairs in the house or temple or shrine of a person of high status. In other words, he’s more like a criminal who commits the perfect crime than a great detective who solves cases.

In the Keigo Higashino Galileo series, Dedication of Suspect X, the very profession of the detective is a physicist. And the killer is a mathematician. The mathematician builds a theoretical system from axioms and theorems one by one.

In other words, the butler is like a military strategist. In the Sherlock Holmes series, the nemesis is also a mathematician, Professor Moriarty.

Therefore, Kageyama is better suited to play the criminal than the detective. In fact, he’s more like an easy-chair detective who can deduce the truth of a crime without being present at the scene by hearing about it from Lady Reiko.

Presumably, in Butler Kageyama, he builds a case based on the information provided, and the sequence of events is organized in an orderly fashion to determine what the characters had in mind and what they did. So where one or two clues are missing, we can get to the bottom of the case.

Being that kind of person, it’s a little hard to imagine that he would be interested in the mystery itself. You know that people who live according to the laws of this world weave the pattern of their lives.

So from the standpoint of a butler, it would be little more than “Oh, that’s a lot of work”. I’m comfortable with the idea of solving riddles for the young lady, but I don’t understand why he would go out of his way to get her to consult him.

Of course, it’s important to use PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Action) to hone our observation and situational skills. However, since he’s in an easy chair, he’s probably more like a scenario writer in terms of how he thinks.

Then the line “I wanted to be a baseball player or a great detective” by Butler Kageyama comes into play. Is he telling us his true intentions?

At first glance, Kageyama seems to have a sharp tongue and a straightforward way of expressing his feelings, but he is a butler. Even though he’s a newbie, he’s probably very good at belly tricks.

In this way, he may be on the side of a mystery-solving mystery maniac, but he may be acting out of consideration for the young lady (and her guidance), etc.

I’m talking about the characters in the novel, but I don’t think Butler Kageyama is just a “mystery maniac”. It’s quite a feat for him to create such a flow of events, for example, to get Lady Reiko to come to him when she doesn’t ask for his advice.

From my point of view, Kageyama is a person for whom butlership is a vocation, and I feel that he chooses butlership as a profession in which he can make use of himself.


This time I focused on “The Butler of Mystery: Kageyama” and tried to follow the mystery he has. And while his main motivation for solving mysteries seems to be the fun aspect of his intellectual activities, it still seems to be for the sake of his daughter.

This series doesn’t seem to be getting a sequel, which is a shame for me, and I can’t accumulate it. Also, as Miss Mikan’s butler, she calls herself a sheep butler.

Papa Mountain…

Well, I’ll leave you with that. See you soon.

Sei Yotsuba