The final of The Irregular at Magic High School: Irregular ending


The popular Light-novel Magic High School Underdog, Achi, has been blown around with the reputation of being a disappointing ending.

I think this is probably a natural reaction.

After all, it’s very possible that the author, Tsutomu Sato, also changed the ending to be different from what I had in mind at first.

In this article, I’m going to explain why I think that way.

The final of The Irregular at Magic High School

First of all, if you’re worried about spoilers, you might want to stop reading around here.

This time, however, the sequel, “Continuation of Magic High School’s Lesser Students: The Magician Company” version, will be released on October 10, 2020.

So, as expected, the main character will survive. On the contrary, he will be able to defeat his greatest enemy, Kudo Minoru in a flash.

Considering the foreshadowing in the last volume and the next volume, the author knows what he can write about. There are no spoilers or anything else. What’s left is mainly the same brilliant descriptive skills and realistic-looking scenario structure as ever.

Oh, sorry. It’s also the last volume, so I’ll give you an overview of the series.

Magical High School’s Inferior Students” is a science fiction juvenile novel. It depicts the lives of a brother and sister who are wizards, with the target audience of impressionable teens. Both of them are members of the Yifa family, one of the best wizards in the world, and their magical powers are among the best in the world.

In particular, the brother’s magic and research skills are known throughout the world, and he is targeted by government agencies and other countries. Eventually, he fights with a parasite, and in the final volume, he ends up fighting with a magician and parasite-turned-parasite, Minoru Kudo.

In addition, his brother has undergone a mental transformation, and the part of his body that controls his emotions is used to perform magic. As a result, he has no emotions beyond his love for his sister and can use powerful magic instead. She can even turn the whole world into a sea of fire if she wants to.

Although her sister has not been mind altered, she has been genetically altered to begin with, and she is said to be beautiful and intelligent from the time she was born. You might say, “No, no, that’s not the case at all in the movie,” but that’s the way it’s set up.

(Personally, if you can do that, it’s more efficient to mass-produce high-IQ people… Well, that’s the setting of the novel.)

So, as I commented at the beginning of the book, the older brother, who is active against the world, will be facing his “greatest enemy” in the final volume. The reason for the two of them to fight is “for the sake of love,” like the popular shonen manga called “Fist of the North Star” that was popular a long time ago. .

The author isn’t good at developing middle-grade stories for impressionable boys and girls, and this is a sci-fi story. This area is different from your average light novel and the story alone is enjoyable enough.

By the way, as you can see from the title “Magic High School”, it mainly deals with the high school years. However, since it is a story about the world, government officials and the mastermind of the government appear in the story.

Thoughts on the last volume

The first thing I’d like to comment on is that this final volume has an “unexpected” ending, even for the author.

Ratings like “good” and “bad” are about personal perceptions. There would be no point in mentioning them too much. By the way, our daughter was a rabid fan, but now she’s completely cool with it.

(I’d like to think that her reading skills have grown and she’s become more interested in the emotional descriptions of the characters in the novel.)

That said, I’ll tell you why I’m commenting on the unexpected ending.

First of all, the author’s compositional skills are excellent, and the scenario of this “Magic High School’s Inferior Students” was already decided by the time it was published in Dengeki Bunko. I should say, Tsutomu Sato even mentioned the number of volumes he planned to publish.

The author is indeed an author who says that he feels a sense of futurism is obstructive. I have to take my hat off to the author for his ability to structure the story. The last volume of the book is also a perfect introduction of the connection to the sequel, and it concludes the story successfully.

There are many authors who change the development of their stories as they write them, or change the ending in the first place. Compared to such works, it is more predictable, and the storyline is more logical and predictable.

It’s just… Since the author has such a strong ability, the parts of the book that have changed the course of the story stand out clearly.

First of all, the last boss, Minoru Kudo, initially absorbed the ghosts and changed his character to a villain. He also puts his own grandfather in his hands.

This “Lesser Students of Magic High School” has a great appreciation for the value of technology and research, as the author is from a manufacturer engineer background. Minoru Kudo is also a high school student like the main character, Tatsuya Shiba, but his knowledge and research skills are outstanding.

(Because of this, he seems to have been chosen as the Lasso Boss.)

Well, usually, if you make the villain this bad, the final battle is an exciting one with the expectation of an epic battle. I mean, “Battle! Battle! And to the delighted young lady, that final battle was the most exciting thing about it.

However… As expected, the battle is over with an assortment of things to include in one book. ”What? This is the final battle with the Lasso?” I’m sure many of you are surprised.

I’m sure you are. After all, we need to put together the content that follows the sequel. We don’t have the luxury of devoting the paper to the final battle. And not only do you need to summarize the story so far, you also need to foreshadow the sequel.

This is done in a vivid manner with easy to understand writing style on the limited space of a “thick but single volume”. For me, I am impressed by the masterful work of Ben Sato.

Reasons for changing the ending

Now then, why on earth would they change the ending?

As Mr. Tsutomu Sashima has commented in the past, “The Lesser Students of Magic High School” is a story that had a fixed ending from the beginning. It seems unlikely that the author changed the ending first of all because the author has such a detailed and bold storyline conceptualization ability.

If that is the case, it means that KADOKAWA wanted to change the ending either by themselves or from outside influence.

So, what I am interested in are the following three series.

  • Previously published “Assassination Plot for Tatsuya Shiba
  • Sequel to The Irregular at Magic High School: The Meidian Company
  • New The Irregular at Magic High School: The Maidens of Kignath

Well, common sense dictates that since Tatsuya Shiba is graduating from high school, it won’t be “Magical High School’s Inferior Students”. In the serious editing department, it wouldn’t be titled “Magical High School’s Inferior Students” without another inferior student.

It’s a science fiction juvenile novel for teens in the first place, so it’s out with the current characters in terms of age.

I think Tatsuya Shiba’s Assassination Plot is also a good novel, and there are actually quite a few library checkout reserves, so I’m sure the sequel will continue to be published. Unfortunately, however, it’s unlikely to be able to make it to the center of the Dengeki library, which is expected to make great strides.

That’s why a new Magical High School Inferior Students series is needed. However, there are other male inferior students in the series besides the main character Shiwa Tatsuya, so it seems necessary to choose a female protagonist.

Just… Tsutomu Sashima has two female characters in “Assassination Project of Tatsuya Shiba”, but it seems to be difficult to attract impressionable teenage boys and girls. As someone who actually raises impressionable teenage children, my impression of this part of the story is that it’s inevitable.

(To begin with, the main target audience needs to be the dwindling number of impressionable teenage boys and girls who read paperback novels.)

The kids of my and Tsutomu Sashima’s teenage years and the teens of today seem to be very different. If you’re thinking, “They’re teenagers, so the basics are the same,” I’d like to recommend that you actually try to interact with them.

However, with the help of Tsutomu Sashima, I think I can give “The Inferior Students of New Magic High School: The Maidens of Kignus” high marks in the Dengeki Bunko series. So it’s worth publishing “The Inferior Students of Magical High School”.

Then again, the end of “Magical High School’s Inferior Students” generally means that if left unchecked, sales of “Magical High School’s Inferior Students” will drop off quickly. That’s why it’s necessary to continue the main story of “The Inferior Students of Magical High School”.

That’s why I need to continue with the “Magical High School’s Inferior Students: The Magician Company” version.

Furthermore, I don’t think it’s necessary for Tsutomu Sashima to write the above two books himself. Even if the main story continues, I think the readers will grow up and their interests will change. Also, the maidens of Kignus will be like dealing with aliens.

It’s a team effort these days, and I think it’s a great thing for up-and-coming writers to use the name value of Ben Sashima to write.

(To begin with, the number of up-and-coming writers is declining, which is why KADOKAWA and related industries need to rely on Tsutomu Sashima. We don’t have the history to do the “reprint” business like the rest of them.)

Oh, by the way, the story on Earth seems to have ended in the main story, and it can’t be a story about the Cyberworld like Sword Art Online.

Then the sequel would take place in “space”. The protagonists are graduating from college and becoming adults, so I’m wondering if an “encounter with aliens” is possible.

(And it’s originally a “SF” juvenile novel.)

Wrap Up

That’s why, from my point of view, the ending of “Magic High School’s Inferior Students” has changed from the original plan.

However, the situation surrounding the publishing industry and related industries is not easy. The decision to increase the series in one fell swoop seems to have been made after much deliberation by all concerned.

Besides, looking at the current world situation, it seems that we should be cautious about expecting overseas sales, and it seems that anime is going to have trouble finding cheap labor.

(AI (artificial intelligence) is still unlikely to replace the artwork in the foreseeable future.)

I’m sure it must be difficult for Dr. Tsutomu Sashima because of the high expectations of the readers and the people around him, but his age is also his age. I hope that he doesn’t collapse and that he is in good health.

And thank you very much for your help with “The Lesser Students of Magic High School”. Thank you very much.

Well, I’ll leave you alone for now. I’ll see you later.

Writer: Sei Yotsuba