Sequel of “The Irregular at Magic High School” (Author: Tsutomu Sato)

Sequel of The Irregular at Magic High School

It seems that Sequel to Magical High School’s Inferior Magean Company is selling very well.

I heard that it was the number one selling book of the Kadokawa Bunko last week, so I applaud it for getting off to a good start.

By the way, the cover illustration of the first volume is, according to the company’s headline illustrator, “The only difference is that the student uniforms of the first volume have been changed to normal clothes, but the poses and placement of the main characters are the same”.

As you can see, and you’re right. It’s an identical pose. Brilliant.

By the way, many people wonder whether the author’s gender is male or female, but I’ve judged him to be male.

The reason is simple: “It’s the same interests as me“.

I will show you why I can say that while reviewing an interview with the author.

The author’s preference

The author is a bit of an enigma because he rarely appears on social networking sites like Twitter, but fortunately, an interview has been published.

Since it’s called “The Maisian Company”, the company is represented in the story, and Kyoko Fujibayashi and Mayumi Nanakusa are the employees of the company. These two are said to be the author’s favorite characters.

My favorite characters are the senior duo of Mayumi Nanakusa and Mari Watanabe, and Kyoko Fujibayashi of the Independent Devil’s Battalion. I don’t think I’m tired of watching them. Also, Kyoko Fujibayashi has a quick mind and seems to understand a lot of things. And she’s also a mature woman who seems to be able to get away with things without having to measure her distance.

Somehow, at this rate, Miss Mari Watanabe is going to be featured in the second volume of Maisian Company. The above interview is from six years ago now, and it hasn’t blurred at all since then.

Incidentally, in the interview article, he said, “I’d like to write a fourth high school version of Tatsuya’s re-cousin, the Kurou sisters’ version of The Twins of Magical High School,” and now, Tatsuya Shiba’s assassination plan has been published. Fumiya Kurou is active in that one.

And in the first volume of Maisian Company, Ayako Kuroba is a student at the same university. If you can keep your original intentions to this point, I can only say that it’s brilliant.

Incidentally, the author is the type of person who writes his novels while picturing images in his mind. I’m like the type of author who, once I have a solid image of what I’m going to write, writes it all at once.

Before he started his writing career, he used to get rid of his stress by going to batting centers and driving ranges. It is a hobby that not many women seem to enjoy.

Favorite author

Tsutomu Sashima says he likes “science fiction and fantasy in translation” and light novels. He said he especially likes the works of Kikuchi Hideyuki, Yumemakura Baku, Tanaka Yoshiki, and Konno Satoshi.

… The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which is still in the illustrator’s room at my house. He was influenced by Perry Rodin in Space Opera. I also browsed through it in a bookstore when I was in school.

I also read a whole bunch of Kikuchi Hideyuki-sensei’s books. Especially the “Makai City” series.

Also, the basic idea of the magic in “Magical High School’s Inferior Students” comes from “altering history by rewriting the Akashic Record” that appears in “Alien Apocalypse” by Kikuchi Hideyuki. No, I’ve read all the Alien series, and I’ve had the book “Alien Apocalypse” in my house until last week.

No, I borrowed the book from the library, but I wonder why it’s called “Apocalypse” in the Alien series. I wonder why it’s called ‘Apocalypse’ in the Alien series. I’m tempted to say the line “I’m not going to blur”.

By the way, if you go back to the “Blurring”, there’s an idea I’ve been toying with for a long time: ‘Kaguya Hime, modern day version’. I’m wondering if the new series of “Magical High School Inferior Students: Maidens of Kignath” is the modern version of Princess Kaguya.

Anyway, as shown in the Book-Off Romance ranking, there is a general tendency for men and women to have different tastes. And when you consider that the authors and series read so far are science fiction and speakeasy series, I have a feeling that they are male.


And so I guess that Mr. Tsutomu Sashima, the author of The Lesser Students of Magical High School, is a man, based on his taste in books and hobbies.

By the way, the illustrator told me that he knew the author of “Blades of Destruction” was a woman, but he feels that Mr. Tsutomu Sashima is a man.

That’s why he says the author is male. Also, the portrayal of Mikihiko and Erika is definitely from a male perspective.

Anyway, I’m glad that the sequel is starting smoothly. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Tsutomu Sashima.

Well, I’ll leave you with that. See you soon.

Sei Yotsuba