Some challenges of AWS Outposts in Japan

Amazon Web Services Inc. said that its Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is now available on its hybrid cloud service AWS Outposts on September 30, 2020.

But in Japan, we have some challenges of using AWS Outposts. This article is to explain them in detail.

What is AWS Outposts?

You may not know what AWS outposts is, so I’d like to start my explanation from this point.

Outposts is a hybrid cloud platform that extends native AWS or VMware Cloud on AWS deployments to customers’ own data centers, effectively giving them an on-premises version of the AWS cloud. The service is somewhat similar to CIA’s local AWS announced at Re:Invent in 2017.

With Outposts, customers can run compute and storage tasks on premise, with fully managed and configurable compute and storages racks built with AWS-designed hardware. They are connected to AWS public cloud used by many users and are belonged to Tokyo region.

Challenge 1: AWS staff

So, first challenge is “Tokyo region.” To tell the truth, AWS is only supported at 8 regions as of January 8, 2020. The reason why Tokyo region is not supported for AWS outposts is that AWS has not so much a staff in Tokyo, Japan.

In Singapore, AWS is officially supported by AWS.

AWS has core datacenters in Singapore and many staff. The reason why ASWS is supported in the region is that AWS can provide technical support with human power, not cloud. It is very simple.

Contrary, AWS has not so much staff in Japan. So, someone need to help AWS customers instead of AWS staff. That is the assist from Classmethod Inc. and NTT, which are AWS certified Solution partners in Japan.

Challenge 2: Hardware

AWS outposts is not a magic. It is physical existence. It should be connected to Tokyo region.

And what is most important for AWS outposts is that hardware needs some maintenance parts. Yes, even AWS outposts require spare parts.

Where can we get it?

Of course, they are stocked in Singapore. Many of them are common with AWS public cloud but AWS Tokyo region has not so much spare parts, so basically they are stocked in Singapore.

Wrap Up

AWS outposts seems to be quite promising. But AWS has to do many thing to serve for its customers.

So in Japan, where there is not so much a big Amazon datacenters area, we have some challenges to use AWS outposts.

Sei Yotsuba