About Us

Name: Sei Yotsuba (Pen name)

Age: undisclosed, but very experienced (30 years of learning English (with interruptions))

Gender: male

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Job: Engineer (research, planning, and education of young people)

Work Environment: surrounded with many smart people and TOEIC score 990 (perfect score) holders. In fact, I’m in a narrow position.

Hobby: Great detective (and a few mystery novels).

People I admire: Katsu Kaishu and Sherlock Holmes.

English Proficiency: mainly reading and writing, but I can score 495 (full score) on the TOEIC level. Overall: 950; I took the Practical English Proficiency Test when I was young and passed the Pre-1 level.

Fields of weakness: languages, music, and art. Worked hard for several decades to finally get the hang of English and achieve a score of 950. (In other words, he knows a lot about how English learners with no sense can effectively improve their English language skills.)

If you have any questions, comments or requests, please contact us at the email address listed in the link below.

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